What are India’s top selling home appliances in 2021?

Which brands of home and kitchen appliances should I buy?

Every day, people ask these kinds of queries. One of the most essential criteria in choosing a consumer product is the trustworthiness of the kitchen appliance brand and the reliability of its products, whether it is for your personal kitchen or a kitchen elsewhere, such as at your business. We at Kitchen Brand Store, are your host.

Having a stunning and useful appliance at home is an effective way to

increase the ambience of a home. Multiple appliance brands are available, and their similarities on the market can creates difficulty to choose make a choice. Personal experience is an amazing approach for picking which appliance is best suited to our needs.

Our team of professionals spends a considerable time in researching, assessing, and testing products in order to deliver the best options to consumers. Our reviewers and subject matter experts assess and scan the available products and select a shortlist of the most promising and best-selling products from the results.

Here is the list of top-selling kitchen and home appliance brands in India which you may choose from without hesitation:

  1. Faber Crest Plus HC SC Black 60 Cm Filterless Touch & Gesture Control Chimney
Filterless chimney from faber crest 60cm

If you use a lot of oil and spices in your cooking, you might want to invest in a kitchen electric chimney. This is especially true if you prepare a lot of Indian food, which are both fatty and spicy. Faber Hood Crest HC SC model is a Heat Auto clean chimney with oil Collector which comes Filterless technology . Packed with Metal Blower and high capacity motor gives a powerful suction of 1200 m3/hr.

  1. IFB 17 L Solo Microwave Oven
Solo Microwave 17 L

IFB Solo Microwave Ovens are ideal for kitchens where simple heating, boiling, or defrosting is required. IFB Solo Microwave is a perfect companion for your quick kitchen needs, as it allows you to quickly heat and serve food. IFB 17PM MEC 1 Convection Microwave Oven that lets you enjoy up to 51 pre-programmed cooking recipes at the press of a button. This Microwave helps in heating the food quickly and evenly with its speed defrost and multi stage cooking feature. The LED display makes it easy to operate the oven.

  1. Weber Smokey Joe Premium Charcoal Grill
outdoor charcol grill small

Going for a picnic, hiking or rafting? Carry our perfect picnic grill companion! Small in size, but lives up to the Weber tradition of quality, performance and long life. The Tuck-N-Carry features a lid lock that secures the top in place for carrying. If you love being close to nature, this is the perfect grill, small enough to fit in your call and cooks food as tasty as other grills. The grill comes with an installation guide and is easy to install.

  1. Bosch Built In Gas Hob Stainless Steel 5  Burner Silver PCS9A5C90I
5 burner stainless steel counter built in hob from Bosch

Aside from being a time-saving solution, the Bosch Built In Hob PCS9A5C90I is also sturdy and easy to maintain because to its high-quality materials. The gas stove is exceptionally convenient to use because to its high-quality sword knobs.

It is integrated with 9 steps valve function, aluminium burners that take care of your all type of cooking needs by controlling flames at different level with ease.

  1. Godrej Security Solutions Goldilocks Personal Locker
personal security digital locker from godrej

No longer waste time looking for your misplaced wallet, keys, jewellery, and other valuables, exposing them to petty theft. Organize and safeguard your everyday valuables with Goldilocks, India’s first personal locker. Introducing the new Goldilocks – a safe that secures your everyday things like credit cards, iPod, sunglasses, rings, keys etc. in a secure locker. Smart touch panel – superior aesthetics along with illuminated digits help you operate the locker even in the dark.

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  1. Daikin 8 Ton 3 Star Split AC (Copper GTL28TV White)
Split air conditioner for Small study room

Improved performance with this Daikin Split Air Conditioner, which guarantees you pleasant days ahead and a delightful escape from the heat. The air conditioner is quite easy to operate, ensuring that it is never a problem. Its Econo mode is effective in maintaining optimal cooling while consuming less electricity. Coanda airflow operation gives you the best air-conditioning experience. During extreme heat conditions when rooms require quick cooling, power chill ensures room temperature drops rapidly for immediate comfort.

  1. Havells Oil Filled Room Heater OFR With Fan 2900 W (WAVE/ Blade Fin)
room heater with oil filled radiator no oxygen burning

A heater is counted among the most essential home appliances. Heaters are not something people buy everyday and you should therefore ensure that you buy one that will help you in multiple ways. Take a look at Havells Fan Heater 2900W with Oil Filled Radiator. It comes with a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase.

  1. Hafele Aqua 14XL, 14 Place Settings Stainless Steel Freestanding Dishwasher, Silver INOX
dishwasher 14 place setting black free standing

A Dishwasher saves time and water because all of the cooking equipment can be washed together. It is more hygienic for final washing since hot water can remove germs from dishes, pots, and other kitchen items.

Aqua 14XL freestanding dishwasher has 14 place settings with 2 baskets and 1 premium tray. With 3 spray arms, the dishwasher ensures uniform utensil wash experience. Aqua 14XL has an energy rating of A++ with noise level of 49 dBA for silent, hassle-free washing.

  1. Mi Air Purifier 3  With True HEPA  Filter And  Smart App Connectivity 
air purifier white for medium area

Mi Air Purifier 3 comes with an ultra clear OLED display with touch control and can also be controlled via app – quiet and energy efficient. Certified by the Guangzhou Industrial Microbiology Testing Center with reference to GB/T 18801-2015, which detects clean air, energy efficiency, noise levels and more. Coverage Area: 279 – 484 sqft.

  1. Hindware Deluxe Food Waste Disposer 2600 RPM
Food waste disposer under the sink

The Hindware Deluxe Food Waste Disposer features a powerful motor of 0.75 HP which helps much effectively in churning out the entire waste into finely ground particles which are easier to dispose off. Being an essential part of the food waste disposer unit, Overload protection prevents the coil of the motor

from burning out when it experiences overload condition for any reason. A built-in thermal protector provides overload protection for the motor of a food waste disposer. Food waste disposer is an essential kitchen appliance that makes your kitchen look as well as smell clean and fresh.

Which one do you have at home or you have an alternate model? Do leave your questions in comment if you are looking for a product in another category or need our expert advice for another product.


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