Chimney With maximum Suction in India from Best Brands.

There are few factors when it comes to choosing the right chimneys specially when there are two things involved:- Your kitchen size is more than 100 Sq ft. the pipe length from chimney to exhaust hole (the last one) whether on roof or nearby wall is more than 10 ft. In this case what matters …

Chimney With maximum Suction in India from Best Brands. Read More »

Induction Hob Vs Gas Hob, Which is better?

There are variety of hobs available with Induction hobs coming in recently. However, this always remains a question about which one is better in long run from the maintenance, sustainability and consumption cost part. We take an example of Bosch PIE651BB5I 4 Zone induction hob vs Bosch 5 burner hob PPS9A6B90I (they cater the same …

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Which is Best (Right) Air Conditioner (for me)?

Few Common questions we get to hear from most of people who contact us for Best Pricing on Air Conditioner or understanding something are: “What is Best Air Conditioner for My Home?” OR “What is Best Air Conditioner Brand for My Home?” or Some would be little specific Which Brand AC consumes least Energy and …

Which is Best (Right) Air Conditioner (for me)? Read More »

Air Purifier (Removes contaminants from the air in a room to improve air quality)

Day by day the air inside the city and our homes is getting polluted. Increasing levels of indoor air pollution can cause health problems. Daikin use the next generation air purifier with “HEPA” (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestant) technology. Cover with 538 Sq.Ft. Area. This air purifier removes 99.97% allergens and fine particles up to size …

Air Purifier (Removes contaminants from the air in a room to improve air quality) Read More »

Porcelain vs Bone China, Which one is fit for you?

Porcelain:- Can be molded into many shapes. its harder than bone china. its more durable. Made of Pottery Stone, Kaolin clay or Quartz. Popular brands for porcelain: Alda,  Hitkari Bone China:- Its milder than porcelain. See through quality and finer look. Made of Ash Bone (only if that matter). Popular indian brands for Bone China: …

Porcelain vs Bone China, Which one is fit for you? Read More »

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