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7 Simple Tips to Stay Cool and Save Energy

7 Simple Tips to Stay Cool and Save Energy

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In the summertime, sitting in front of the air conditioner isn't the only way to stay cool and keep your home cool. There are other ways to keep your house cool without using an air conditioner and save on your electricity bill too. Here are 7 Simple Tips to Stay Cool and Save Energy.

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7 Tips to Stay Cool and Save Energy

  1. It's better to invest in blackout curtains as they naturally block sunlight and insulate the rooms in which they’re installed. According to consumer reports, neutral-colored curtains, especially with white plastic hangers, help them reduce heat gain in the home by up to 33%. So we recommend using neutral-colored curtains in the house.
  2. Instead of turning on the air conditioner, use fans. Although a fan can't provide much cooling, there is a simple approach that can assist you acquire cool air from it. You have to fill a mixing bowl with ice (or something equally cold to it, like an ice pack), and you have to place it in front of your fan and only see the magic. With the evaporation effect, you will get cool air.
  3. Close unoccupied rooms to prevent hot air from entering and increasing the temperature. Also, allowing air to flow naturally through your home will make your rooms cooler.
  4. We often overlook the importance of ceiling fan rotation. Because it affects the airflow, you should always adjust your ceiling fans seasonally. In the summer, you should turn the ceiling fan counter-clockwise to create a cool wind effect, which will make you and your home feel cooler.
  5. Turn off the lights as they generate heat in your house. So try to turn off the lights whenever not needed. It will not only save electricity, but will also keep your home cooler.
  6. Exhaust fans also assist to keep your home cooler, so use them whenever possible, especially when cooking in the kitchen. The heat from the flame in the kitchen heats the house, so try to use an extractor hood in the kitchen to keep it cooler.
  7. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency has said that air conditioners should be used at 24 degrees Celsius as it not only saves electricity but also makes the home cooler. It also makes your air conditioner live longer. Air conditioning companies also say that 24º–25ºC is the best and optimum temperature for the room. Keeping the temperature at 19ºC or lower does not result in colder air. So, to save electricity, always use AC at 24ºC.

Energy savings isn’t just a summertime activity. These tips can save you money throughout the year. You can also use some energy-saving coolers and air conditioning to make your home cooler and save money as well. Follow the above tips to create a smart habit of saving electricity and making your home cooler without wasting money.

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