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Air Cooler Buying guide - 2023

Air Cooler Buying guide - 2023

Guide and Advise

Air Cooler Buying Guide

Summers in India are very harsh and hot, especially in some regions. In some parts of the country, the temperature can go up to 41 Degrees Celsius. Several people opt for an air cooler or AC to beat sweltering summers in India.

However, the need for air coolers is increasing more efficiently due to rising temperatures and humid regions. Do not sweat it; an air cooler is the best way to get rid of the surroundings on hot days. 

Moreover, many customers are unsure which type of air cooler to choose. The following tutorial summarizes the factors to consider when buying an air cooler. There has been an increase in the purchasing power of people, which has led to an increase in the purchase of air conditioners. However, air coolers have become an integral part of every Indian household.

In addition, you can choose the right cooling system without reading a manual. An air cooler buying guide to make the best buying decision to stay cool, calm, and comfortable this summer.

Why You Should Prefer Buying an Air Cooler

Cost Effective With Energy Savings: The most significant advantage that air coolers hold over air conditioners is that they are affordable. It is easy to buy air coolers for under 5000 Rs in India. However, finding an air conditioner at that price is impossible.

Air coolers are affordable, come in different sizes, and are great at keeping the room they keep in cool. In addition, air coolers consume very little electricity and hence offer noticeable savings compared to air conditioners.

You do not need to use HVAC all the time, which significantly reduces the cost of operations. However, air coolers require less maintenance and repair costs in comparison as well. Overall, if you are looking for something that is not too expensive, then air coolers are the way to go.

No Installation Hassles: Installing the air conditioner takes time and work. This requires trained technicians to install the unit; if it is a central air unit, it needs to be connected to your existing ductwork. This can be a complex process and require additional installation arrangements.

Air coolers are easy to operate and do not require any complicated installation process. You do not have to connect it to a duct in your house, nor do you have to mount it on a window. All that is required is finding an exit point for the exhaust hose.  

Occupies Less Space: The air coolers occupy less space than home air conditioners. They are perfect for you if you rent a room or in a small apartment. Several people living in such areas find personal air coolers to be the best option for them. Additionally, there is no permanent installation, so it can be taken down whenever you move out.

Natural light and the amount of living space are essential if you live in a small space. You do not want to sacrifice these needs by installing an air conditioner that takes up a lot of space or blocks light from the window. Hence, in these situations, when you want to cool down, then an air cooler is the best option.

Portability: Portability is probably one of the most significant advantages when purchasing an air cooler. Although central air conditioners can cool a complete house, homeowners sometimes want to cool some rooms more than others, which is always challenging. Window air conditioners are only good for cooling the area where they are located. 

However, personal air coolers can be easily carried from one place to another. You can move it to any room without hassle for instant cooling.

Best Suited For Rentals: Whenever you rent a house, there are several limitations or restrictions. You are not allowed to install a permanent air conditioner. If you do it, there is a possibility that you may be charged a fee for doing this; you may also change your residence after some time, and moving an AC to a new location can be a significant task.

The best option is to rent air coolers. They can be installed so that the living space does not change. You can easily take it to a new place wherever you relocate.

Easy to Maintain: The most significant advantage of air coolers is that they are easy to maintain. Most of the air coolers in India come with a water tank that is easily accessible or easy to clean. Also, the filter can be easily removed and washed without external help. Due to this, air coolers have a distinct advantage over air conditioners.

Types of Air Coolers

You can easily find different types of air coolers on the market, and you may select one based on your needs.

Personal Coolers: Personal coolers are suitable for small rooms and are better than desert coolers. A cooler of your own is good to take on the go with a small child. Compact coolers are best for compact houses.

The honeycomb pads are placed on the rear and side grilles for more comfort and to ensure soothing cooling in your room. The personal coolers absorb dust particles from the surroundings and are corrosion-resistant, which makes them highly durable.

Tower Coolers: Tower coolers provide a lot of cooling and do not take up a lot of floor space, either. These air coolers are very slim and look exceptionally significant in your rooms.

They cool every corner of your room very effectively. These are great for medium-sized to large rooms. It has a high capacity to provide cool air. Moreover, the auto-fill feature automatically refills the cooler.

Window Coolers: A window cooler is the best for a room with a window and requires zero floor space. Features like powerful air distribution and ergonomic design ensure that cool air is supplied throughout the room.

This cooler only occupies window space and is perfect for small rooms and offices. Wood wool padded air coolers are ideal for summers and provide instant relief from the heat. In addition, window coolers also come with a water-level indicator, so you know when you are getting low and fill it up in time.

Desert Coolers: If you are looking for cooling units for medium-sized and large rooms, then desert coolers are a great option. Desert air coolers have high capacity and airflow. These coolers are available with colorful changeable panels. The cooler fits outside your room's window and draws air from the outside.

However, desert air coolers provide better cooling but require more space, electricity, and water. The cooler has powerful features which produce uniform cooling on hot days. Moreover, desert coolers are best for dry areas.

Choose The Right Cooler For Your Home

Consider some factors before choosing an air cooler to deal with heat. Read below!

Water Tank Capacity: Air cooler fans use the evaporative cooling method. This method converts water into water vapor, which lowers the temperature of the air blown by the fan or blower. It is essential to have air coolers that have large water tanks.

The bigger the water tank, the longer the air cooler will run. You need to choose an air cooler with a water tank that is the right size for your daily use. Moreover, residential air coolers have tanks with a capacity of 40 to 50 liters, and commercial air coolers have a capacity of 200 to 220 liters.

Where You Need To Keep The Cooler: The best place to keep your air cooler is right in front of the window. The hotter the air, the faster the evaporation, and the fan blows the cooler air. It is also essential to create ventilation in the room to the moisture out. To do this, you need to open the windows in the room.

Consider The Climate: Desert air coolers are more effective in dry climates. For humid environments, tower or personal air coolers are generally more effective.

Check The Noise Level: Some air coolers are very noisy. Hence, it is essential to check the noise level of the cooler before buying. And make sure you check the noise level at max fan speed. However, generally, the noise level of a cooler is between 37 to 82 decibels.

​Look For Auto Fill Function: A cooler’s refilling process might be laborious. Choose always air cooler with an autofill feature. However, they are not only easy to manage but are also said to provide better and more effective cooling.

Also, the autofill function will stop the tank from running completely dry, thereby preventing damage to the motor.

Quality Of Cooling Pads: The cooling pads directly affect the cooling of the air cooler. They absorb water and allow air to flow through them to cool it. The thicker the cooling pad, the better the cooling.

However, there are different types of cooling pads available for air coolers. The most common are aspen pads, wool wood, and honeycomb pads. Honeycomb cooling pads are better than the other two as they provide long-lasting cooling and are low on maintenance.

​An additional Ice Chamber Adds To The Cooling: Some air coolers come with dedicated ice compartments. Adding ice to the water cools the pads, resulting in cold air passing through them. However, this is effective only if you sit close to the cooler. Moreover, to quickly cool the water in the tank, you can put ice cubes in them.

​Power Consumption: The energy efficiency of evaporative air coolers varies widely. It is good to ask your dealer which brand of evaporative air cooler is the most energy efficient, thus having the least negative impact on the environment.


Additional Features: Air coolers nowadays offers additional features like an auto-fill function, remote control, dust filter and anti-mosquito, and ice chamber.

Fan Type: Evaporative air coolers can be equipped with centrifugal or axial fans. Centrifugal fans are drum-shaped and generally quieter but consume more energy for cooling and cost more than axial fans. On the other hand, Axial fans are cheaper, use less energy but make a lot of noise.

Usage tips for your Air Cooler:

Different types of air coolers will hopefully make it easier for you to choose one, and the features will help you decide which one you want. Here are some usage tips for your new air cooler.

Ensure Adequate Room Ventilation: Unlike ACs, air coolers work best in a well-ventilated area. Air coolers require constant airflow for effective cooling. In addition, good ventilation is also needed to remove moisture from the room.

Keep Your Air Cooler In front of the Window: Air coolers work on the principle of evaporative cooling; the hotter the air, the faster it evaporates, and you will only get cold air. Once you set the air cooler in front of the window, you can slightly move the window to improve cooling.

Ensure Full Water Level: As mentioned above, evaporative cooling depends on water and air. While fresh warm air is drawn into the air cooler, the water must be maintained at the correct level to continue the cooling process.

Moreover, ensure adequate water level, as running the air cooler without sufficient water can cause severe damage. An adequate water level at all times will result in optimum performance while ensuring a longer life for the cooler.

Always Clean Air Cooler Before Using: The first important task you should complete after unpacking the air cooler for this season is cleaning the cooling pads. Meanwhile, they have accumulated pollen and dust.

If they are in bad shape, it is good to replace them. Secondly, you should clean the water tank and make sure that there is no leakage in it. Third, a quick swipe on the fan blades will help improve the cooler's efficiency.

Handel with Care to Enjoy Long-time Cooling: Always place your air cooler on uneven platforms; pulling them while the air cooler is on and interfering with the rotary blades can be dangerous, and the result is early wear of air coolers. Hence, it is always better to handle them carefully to enjoy the coolness in the long run.

In addition to these tips, you can also do simple things like closing the drapes and turning off the lights to keep the heat out of the room. To ensure its effectiveness, install the cooler in the right place. If you want to buy an air cooler online this upcoming season, there is a wide range of personal, desert, and window air coolers.

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May 01, 2023 at 09:35 pm

I do not have open area but I need to install a cooler. we liked recently a model crompton ozone 55 ltrs and planning to buy, will it work indoors?

Reply: you can install it indoors but we would prefer install it very close to any window available or if in nights, you can put it somewhere in the door if window is not available so that it can circulate the air from outside and same air is not circulated (which happens if cooler is kept inside the room and it makes the whole room very humid)