A Guide To Buy Best Room Heaters For Winter Chills

A Guide To Buy Best Room Heaters For Winter Chills

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Winters can be very harsh as we know. There are few states in northern India where winter is so harsh that you can get your hands and legs frozen if you step outside your homes. In these times hilly areas in the northern state of India get too cold. Places like Shimla, Kashmir, Manali, and Delhi have such a climate in winters that the temperature goes down to 2 to 0 degrees. In Kashmir, there is annual snow rain which makes living conditions very hard. We have geysers for getting hot running water in our houses and then we have the room heaters which keep us warm in our homes. It will be difficult for us to survive without the harsh winters without our electric room heaters . Mostly in winters, people tend to stay at home as it gets very cold outside. After a tiring day at work, one needs a warm shower and a warm room to sleep in during the winters.


Things To Be Consider Before Buying A Room Heater:

  • Power Cut Feature- The power cut feature is the most important feature in every room heater. It automatically cuts power if there is a high voltage.
  • Environmental Friendly- Room heaters should be environmentally friendly to avoid the toxic chemicals in the air.
  • Cost-Effective- We have to buy a cost-effective room heater which provides good heating.
  • Watt- A powerful heater requires more watts so do not be fooled by fake products claiming low on energy.
  • Portable- Make sure you are buying a portable room heater so that you can carry it to any room easily.


Types Of Room Heaters

There are many different kinds of room heaters available. They include electric space heaters, wood-burning fireplace room heaters, electric patio heaters, solar room heaters, and dual heater heaters.

But In Tropical countries like India, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Mexico, where we have warmer summers and relatively cooler winters, You do not need extensive insulation systems to keep your home Insulated most of the time. You could bring in portable heaters when there is extreme cold, especially in parts of the Northern part of India near the Himalayas. They use small portable electric room heaters that can be used and can be wrapped and folded after extensive use and can be stored for reuse next fall.

These heaters can be described under the following categories:-

Halogen Heaters:- Halogen heaters incorporate the halogen element with a heating lamp and bulb. They are primarily used in outdoor heating. They come with many safety features built-in such as over-current warning, trip circuit overload, radiant barrier, low battery indicators, safety beam controls, and even circuit breakers so that they can be used in emergencies. There are various significant advantages to having a halogen bar heater in your home. They are typically more energy efficient than the other types available on the market. They allow you to keep the heat where you want it rather than having it redistributed throughout the entire room.

Heat Convection Heaters:- A convection heater is a kind of electric heater which uses electrical currents to heat and radiate heat from a central area rapidly. These currents radiate through the outer surface of the heating appliance and around its internal heating component. These kinds of heaters generally have an extreme case containing the heating elements and the wiring, fans, and pumps. It is possible to purchase this type of heater at home improvement stores or electrical stores, where you will also find a variety of options such as finishes and sizes. Conventional models of these heaters are made from metals like copper and brass; alloys like iron, steel, and aluminum are also used.

Carbon Heaters:- Carbon heaters are huge rectangular panels ranging in diameter from 900mm to 1000mm, heated by a single or double heat absorbing element that gives off infrared radiation. A regular ceramic heater is made out of iron or steel, and the outer surface is made out of ceramic plates which absorb heat. These plates are usually covered with a layer of black powder or silicon carbide. These plates can be easily cut using an electric steak knife and then glued to the steel base with a hot glue gun.

Oil Filled Heaters- These are great for home heating because you will save on electricity. They are not as popular in homes, but they can be much cheaper to run than their electric counterparts. Standard oil filters use space heaters to produce radiant heat which makes it very efficient if located properly.


Models Of Room Heater

Fan Heaters vs Infrared Heaters- Infrared heaters are the most efficient space heater on the market with average losses of just 3%. They heat people and objects, not just the air. Thus, they are often used for warming bodies without drying them out in certain ailments such as asthma or arthritis. Compared to an electric fan heater which only heats the air, infrared is not only more efficient but provides a better heating experience.

Infrared Heaters vs Oil Filled Room Heaters- Infrared heaters are cheaper than oil-filled room heaters. Infrared is a good energy source for both commercial and residential use, as the infrared energy is "radiated" out in all directions away from the unit creating an even distribution of warmth. Oil-filled units on the other hand need to be positioned on top of people or furniture to create any type of warmth, which means that you lose some intensity due to how long it takes for the oil to transfer its heat into living objects. 

Fan Heaters vs Oil Filled Room Heaters-Fan heaters are meant to increase airflow in a home while oil-filled room heaters are used to radiate heat. Oil-filled room heaters will be more effective on very cold days but are not recommended for anything under 50 degrees Fahrenheit because the oils can easily become combustible at lower temperatures. 


Once you have bought a new heater, you should maintain it correctly; This means that you should clean the heater regularly and ensure no dust is accumulated inside it. This should be done by removing the plates inside and wiping them down with a soft cloth or tissue paper. If the leaves seem damaged, you can either buy new ones or cut them out and replace them. Check our latest collection to Buy Room Heaters at best price in India.

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