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Fan, Radiant Or Oil-filled: What is best Room Heater

Fan, Radiant Or Oil-filled: What is best Room Heater

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It is now getting extremely difficult to find out which is the best room heater in India. This is because the market has been flooded with a huge variety of different types of heaters . You will find that there are new ones introduced as well as those which have been on the market for quite a while. These days, there are electric heaters as well as those that require the use of propane or kerosene. So, the kind of heaters you need to buy depends largely on your budget as well as the location where you would like to install them.

Features A Room Heater Must Have

  • There should be a heat setting option to change temperature according to the outside and room temperature. A single heating setting will require you to switch on or off quite frequently, which could become tiresome after doing so all day.
  • Heaters with a better star rating are usually more efficient. Remember, higher number equals fewer watts consumed per hour.
  • The heater is the best in terms of heating, but it can be too much for some people.
  • A portable room heater is a must-have for any home. It should be able to heat up different areas of your house, so you don't have an excuse when it's cold outside.
  • It should be an energy-efficient product that automatically cuts power once it reaches the desired temperature.
  • To protect people, children, and pets from getting burned the heater should have a safety grill.

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Things To Consider When Buying A Room Heater

  • Power Cut Feature- The power cut feature is the most important feature in a room heater. It automatically powers cuts if there is high voltage.
  • Environmental Friendly- Room heaters should be environmentally friendly to avoid the toxic chemicals in the air.
  • Cost-Effective- We have to buy the cost-effective room heater which provides good heating. 
  • Watt- A powerful heater requires more watts so do not be fooled by fake products claiming low on energy.
  • Portable- Make sure you are buying a portable room heater so that you can carry it to any room easily.
  • Size Of Room- Before buying a room heater everyone should measure the size of the room.

Types Of Room Heater

  • Fan Heaters- Fan Heaters are devices that provide both heating and cooling to the room or building. They work by blowing air heated or cooled by an electric resistance heat element into a room, which is then circulated throughout the space.
  • PTC Room Heater- A PTC heater can be thought of as a strip with electrical wires running through it that heats up as the wires carrying an electric current pass over it. The advantage to using a PTC is that each unit does not need its own heating power supply, so they tend to have a lower initial investment cost and more economical energy use whereas fan-based space heaters require a constant flow of electricity.
  • Radiant Heater-  A radiant heater is a device that looks like an elongated, metal box with vents on one side and a heating element on the other. It heats up quickly and can be put inside or outside (or hung from above). The heat then radiates into your home or business via the vents. The major advantage of this type of heater is that it doesn't produce any smoke, unlike wood, coal, peat, etc., but the disadvantage is that there isn't much room for storage.
  • Heat Convector Room Heater -  A heat convector heater is a piece of equipment that transfers heat from one object to another. It moves warm air or liquid from the heated space, through a network of pipes, and into the cooler space. Heat convectors work by transferring energy from a hotter area to a colder area by physical contact rather than via radiated waves. This gives them an advantage over radiative systems in working best when used for short distances and for heating fluids that need a lot of energy to change their temperature since they take up less surface area inside the pipes than radiant panels would require, meaning they're more efficient at warming specific locations within your home.
  • Oil Filled Room Heater - An oil-filled room heater can be part of a radiant floor heating system that is heated by an electric-powered boiler. It is also known as a water heater. Oil-filled room heaters are a great, economical pick if you want a relaxing, warm atmosphere immediately. Simply turn the unit on and adjust the thermostat to your desired temperature for instant heat. 


Precautions Or Safety Measures To Take When Using A Room Heater

  • Do not leave your room heater running overnight, unattended. It can dry out the skin on your nose and lungs.
  • Make sure you don’t overload that socket where you plug these things in as well since we all know how many accident wires are sometimes.
  • Inspect this device regularly for safety reasons - anything electric should never be touched by human hands without risking injury or worse: death.
  • Don't put one by an open door or near any inflammable substances like water because it's dangerous if there is a spark from this heating device while charging.


If you're looking for a room heater that does more than just heating up your home, our team of experts has been scouring the internet to find the best products out there. We've found some great options from brands like DeLonghi and Lasko in this article on Top 10 Best Room Heaters In India (2022) . Which one do you think is best? Let us know what features are important or if you need help finding something with specific healing capabilities!


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