What is all about filterless chimney?

What is all about filterless chimney?

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From the customer preference trend in past 3 years, it has been observed that more than 50% customer preferred a chimney with filterless technology rather than a chimney with any kind of filter (Baffle/ Cassette or carbon/ Charcoal).

If you want to read how to select the right chimney for your kitchen, it depends upon multiple factors e.g. Kitchen size, shape, position and multiple other chimney features. Read the explainer about Everything you need to know before buying a Kitchen Chimney .

Take good look at the chimney Model Name, it must show clearly written as “Filterless” in the model's name or title or there can be an abbreviation used for filterless as in capital FL. For example some of these chimneys are filterless models:

  1. Filterless Curved Glass Chimney 60 cms from Elica (written as WDFL in name)
  2. Filterless Slant/ Inclined Chimney 75 cms from Faber (Written as FL SC in name)
  3. Filterless slant/ Inclined Chimney 90 Cms from Hindware (Written as Filterless in name) 

Or some would not even mention any abbreviation or specifiy filterless in model name, like one below: 

Glen Auto Clean Chimney 6060 Twin BL AC 60cm 1050 m3/h

So How do We identify if the model name doesn't specify it being filterless or not. Well, It is very easy. All you have to look at the portion which is going to stay on top of the Gas Stove. Here is Video which explains Difference between Different Chimney Filters and Filterless.


Most people have understanding that the baffle filter with multiple layers, Cassette filter with mesh mechanism or carbon filter with absorbing technology, All they do is catching carbon particles, Grease and oil before sucking out the polluted air from the Kitchen. But then Filterless doesn't have a filter, where does all these components go when there is no filter, it is imperative to understand the mechanism of filterless chimney.

If you look at any of the filterless chimney, you will find it is also an Auto Clean Chimney by Default. It means, it would come with oil collector tray beneath always. in absense of filters, all the work has to be done by a powerful blower. You would notice, the filterless chimneys come with a high suction power value like 1200 m3/hr or more (while chimneys with baffle filters also come with lesser suction power and non-auto clean versions).  understandably, Filterless chimney sucks the smoke and rotates and push it towards the wall of the sucking chamber which makes all the oil particles to stick to the wall in form of grease. Which eventually is melted again when Auto Clean process is starting by pressing the button to do so.

Here is the animation to see how filtlerless chimney works.


  1. No cleaning or change of filters Required.
  2. Suction power works more efficiently than one with filter.
  3. lower maintenance cost.
  4. Good for small family.



  1.  Higher purchase cost.
  2. Not Highly Effective for Large family cooking
  3. Not recommended for heavy oil cooking.
  4. Not Available in economical Price. 

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