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Top 3 Room Heaters to buy In India Under INR 2000

Top 3 Room Heaters to buy In India Under INR 2000

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With winter approaching fast, it is essential to know the right room heater at best price suitable for your place. There are actually various types of heaters available in the market today that make your work easy and convenient. The right decision can make your cold spell a thing of the past. There are many places where you will find heaters for sale but knowing the five-room heaters in India that fit your budget well. Let us first understand what a room heater does and how it helps.

What Is Home Heating?

Home heating is one of the most necessary expenses we incur in a year. People spend millions on home appliances and heating systems to keep their homes warm and comfortable; This includes pumps, heaters, air conditioners, fireplaces, etc. Keeping in mind the growing price of home appliances and heating systems, today, people look for affordable options that provide comfort and cost less.

With ever-increasing energy prices, it becomes more critical to choose energy-efficient heaters. They help you heat your home effectively in winters and save energy to a great extent.

Types Of Heater

Apart from traditional healers that are already available, we have also come up with portable Room heaters that can be used in tropical places as India and can be serviced, cleaned, and stores for the next fall. These electric room heaters are found in traditional stores or online and come with a price tag and warranty. Most of them run on electricity and are commonly used in many households in India. There are three main types of these heaters, and they can be classified as follows.

  • Halogen Heaters- Halogen Heaters use tungsten bulbs to incorporate the halogen element within their lamp and bulb to generate heat. The bulbs used by halogen heaters consist of tungsten filaments that have been covered with a protective tube. The tubes allow only the gas bound to electrons within them to pass, and thus only a tiny amount of the gas will be heated up to produce enough heat for the given area. These bulbs are much more efficient than other electric heaters because fewer electrons will be wasted in heating the gas to a higher temperature. As a result, the electric heaters using halogen bulbs can retain temperatures for a more extended period before melting down to the point of replacing the bulb. In addition to being highly efficient, halogen heaters also use less energy than other types of incandescent bulbs.
  • Heat Convection Heaters:- These are appliances used in the heater industry that use an air stream to help distribute heat. The air that passes through this heater is heated by convection, which is heated by a current that travels through a medium. This medium could be a fluid such as steam, or it could be air. A convection heater works just like the air con in your automobile. But the current it uses is not coming straight from the fan but from a small electrical generator that feeds into an evaporator coil. Through the waves, you can now have heated air circulating your central cooling system. These heaters are typically used for outdoor applications, but some newer models are available that are suitable for indoor use only.
  • Carbon Heaters:- Carbon heaters produce high quality, even long-wave infrared radiation, but perhaps the biggest drawback is that they don't have an abundance of radiant heat. On the other hand, Ceramic heaters are extremely powerful and emit lots of radiant heat, yet the wavelength tends to be much longer, so they are less therapeutic. However, you might find that people prefer them if you have an allergy to traditional, high-temperature heating methods. If you actually like to be surrounded by plants or trees, you should look into ceramic heaters.

Here Are Some Of The Best Heaters Below The Price Of 2000 In India

Glen Quartz Room Heater 7017 800 Watt

Glen-Quartz-Room-Heater-7017-800-Watt-300x300 (1)

One of the excellent, convenient, and constantly best-reviewed electric room heaters in the market. Its features can be discussed as follows.

  • Child Safety Net
  • Heat setting at both 400w/800w
  • Tip-over safety switch activated
  • Instant heating Technology.


  • Price- Rs.1469
  •  Power-800w
  • Dimension-1498 cm


Insala Quartz Heater Neon V2

Insala-Quartz-Heater-Neon-V2-217x300 (1)

Stylish design, noiseless ISI approved heater with easy mobility. Its salient features can actually be discussed as follows.

  • Cool Touch body
  • Safety tip-over switch
  • Unique, stylish design
  • Easy portability
  • Noiseless operation


  • Price-Rs 1465
  • Power-800 w
  • Warranty-1 year


Sun Flame Quartz Heater SF-941

Buy-Halogen-Heaters-at-Best-Price-300x300 (1)

ISI is marked with high-quality elements and very economically ranged. Its features can be discussed as follows.

  • Two heat settings at 400w and 800
  • In case of tip over it automatically switches off
  • Easy handle for easy portability
  • 1-year warranty


  • Price- Rs.1265
  • Power-400w/800w
  • Warranty- 1 year


One of the most important things that must be kept in mind while shopping for any heater is the cost; different varieties of heaters can be found in different price ranges. The amount of actual electricity that is consumed by the various heaters also depends on its make-up. It is essential to consider these points while shopping for heaters and the best way to do so is to go through the product details and then decide the most appropriate one for your home or business. Check our latest collection of room heaters at best price in India.

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