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Kenstar’s long list of innovations have transformed lifestyles in over 25 countries across the world. In India, we were the first to introduce branded air coolers, tumble top washing machines, microwave ovens and many more. Today, our range includes air coolers, food preparation and cooking appliances, fabric care products and heating solutions. Every Kenstar product aims to make premium quality accessible to all who desire it, and carries the signature of high quality, attractive style and trusted durability.

Our products use advanced technology like IoT and connected devices to smoothly fit into and enhance the ‘always on’ lifestyle of today. Where work and play, friends and family, comfort and practicality all blend into one another. Come, say goodbye to monotony and give each moment a fresh new start.

Installation Process

Installation Process for Kenstar Air Coolers

1. Call Kenstar customer support at 1800-123-4567 to schedule an installation appointment for your air cooler.
2. Provide your personal details and the model number of your air cooler to the customer support representative.
3. The customer support representative will provide you with a service request number for your installation appointment.
4. Save the service request number for future reference.
5. On the scheduled date and time, a Kenstar technician will arrive at your doorstep to install your air cooler.
6. Make sure to have the necessary tools and accessories ready for the installation process.
7. The technician will inspect the installation area and determine the best location for your air cooler.
8. They will then assemble the air cooler according to the manufacturer's instructions.
9. The technician will connect the air cooler to a power source and test its functionality.
10. Once the installation is complete, the technician will provide you with a demonstration on how to use and maintain your air cooler.
11. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask the technician for assistance.
12. After the installation, make sure to keep the service request number in case you encounter any issues with your air cooler in the future.
13. Enjoy the cool and refreshing air from your new Kenstar air cooler!

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