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<p>Parryware India is a leading manufacturer of bathroom products originated from EID Parry, one of the country&#39;s oldest and most reputed business entities. In 2006, it entered into a joint venture with Roca Corporation, Spain, to become a Roca Group subsidiary in 2008, and turned into a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Roca Group in 2011.</p> <p>The journey began in 1952 when Parryware was started under EID Parry in Ranipet. The company joined hands with Royal Doulton in 1960 and inaugurated a new casting unit in 1976. A change came knocking in 1980 when the Murugappa group took over the Parryware brand. Five years later, in 1985, a revolution was born in the shape of the Cascade range of closets which upgraded Parryware from just a bathroom product manufacturer to a brand that stood for glamorous bathrooms. Roca group took over Parryware in 2006 and EID Parry became a 100 per cent subsidiary of the Roca group in 2010. In 2011 Armani Roca brand was launched in the Indian market. Roca acquired 7 production plants by 2014 that are now equipped with leading infrastructure and technology. Parryware&rsquo;s growth story continued with increased production prowess (8 plants) and deeper penetration into the Indian market.</p>

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<h2>Installation Process for Parryware Kitchen and Bath Fixtures</h2> <p>1. Call Customer Support: The first step in the installation process is to call Parryware&#39;s customer support number. You can find this number on their website or on the product packaging. Make sure to have your product details and purchase information ready when you call. 2. Request Installation Service: Once you are connected with a customer support representative, inform them that you would like to request an installation service for your Parryware kitchen or bath fixture. They will ask for your product details and may also schedule a date and time for the installation. 3. Save Service Request Number: After your service request has been processed, the customer support representative will provide you with a service request number. Make sure to save this number as it will be used for tracking your installation request. 4. Prepare for Installation: Before the installation team arrives, make sure to clear the area where the fixture will be installed. This will make the process smoother and faster. 5. Installation Team Arrival: On the scheduled date and time, the installation team will arrive at your doorstep. They will have all the necessary tools and equipment to complete the installation. 6. Site Inspection: The installation team will first inspect the site where the fixture will be installed. They will also check if all the necessary plumbing and electrical connections are in place. 7. Installation Process: The team will then start the installation process, following the manufacturer&#39;s instructions and guidelines. They will ensure that the fixture is installed correctly and securely. 8. Testing and Clean-up: Once the installation is complete, the team will test the fixture to make sure it is functioning properly. They will also clean up the work area and remove any debris or packaging materials. 9. Sign-off and Feedback: After the installation is done, the team will ask you to sign-off on the service request form. You can also provide feedback on the installation process and the team&#39;s performance. 10. Follow-up: In case you face any issues with the installed fixture, you can contact Parryware&#39;s customer support with your service request number for further assistance. Congratulations, your Parryware kitchen or bath fixture is now installed and ready to use!</p>

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