Daikin MC55XVM6 Air Purifier with Dual Flash Streamer Technology & Active Plasma, 440 Sq. Feet (Lifetime Supply of Filter)

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  • Advanced air purifier with Dual Flash Streamer Technology & Active Plasma
  • Covers an area of 440 square feet, making it ideal for large rooms
  • Lifetime supply of filter included, saving you money on replacements
  • Effectively removes dust, allergens, and other pollutants from the air
  • Improves air quality and helps alleviate symptoms of allergies and asthma
  • Easy to use with simple controls and a sleek design
  • Energy efficient with low power consumption
  • Quiet operation for uninterrupted use
  • Comes with a remote control for convenient adjustments
  • Equipped with a timer function for customized usage
  • Features a filter replacement indicator for easy maintenance
  • Compact size for easy placement in any room
  • Perfect for homes, offices, and other indoor spaces


Length: Width: Height:
Product: 27 27 27
Package: 59 33 33

Legal Metrology

Part/ Model Number: Daikin MC55XVM6
Country Of Origin:
Manufacturer: Daikin Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Importer Contact Information:
Included Components: air purifier

Toll Free Number: 1860 180 3900

Charges for Installation: RsThe installation charges for Daikin brand refriger

Installation Process:-

Installation Process for Daikin Air Purifier

Step 1: Call Customer Support
Call the Daikin customer support number at 1860 180 3900to schedule an installation appointment for your air purifier. Step 2: Provide Information
Provide the customer support representative with your personal information, including your name, address, and contact number. Also, provide the model number and serial number of your air purifier. Step 3: Schedule Appointment
The customer support representative will schedule an appointment for the installation of your air purifier at a convenient date and time. Step 4: Save Service Request Number
Once the appointment is scheduled, the customer support representative will provide you with a service request number. Make sure to save this number for future reference. Step 5: Prepare for Installation
On the day of installation, make sure to clear the area where the air purifier will be installed. Also, keep the necessary tools and equipment ready for the installation process. Step 6: Installation Process
A Daikin technician will arrive at your location on the scheduled date and time. They will install the air purifier according to the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines. Step 7: Test and Demonstration
After the installation is complete, the technician will test the air purifier to ensure it is functioning properly. They will also provide a demonstration on how to use and maintain the air purifier. Step 8: Sign Installation Completion Form
Once you are satisfied with the installation, sign the installation completion form provided by the technician. This will serve as proof of installation and will be required for any future warranty claims. Step 9: Register Product
Register your air purifier on the Daikin website or by calling customer support. This will activate your warranty and ensure prompt service in case of any issues. Congratulations, your Daikin air purifier is now installed and ready to use! Remember to regularly clean and maintain your air purifier for optimal performance.

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