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KUHL Exzel H1 400mm BLDC Desert Cooler w/ Mist Humidifier| 60W| Remote| Digital Display| No Water Droplets| 8Hr Tank| High Air Flow & Low Noise

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About Product:

  • KUHL Exzel H1 400mm BLDC Desert Cooler: Enjoy cool and refreshing air with the KUHL Exzel H1 400mm BLDC Desert Cooler. This powerful cooler is designed to provide efficient cooling in hot and dry desert climates.
  • Mist Humidifier: The built-in mist humidifier adds moisture to the air, making it more comfortable and reducing the dryness often associated with desert climates.
  • 60 W Power: With a power of 60 W, this cooler is energy efficient and can help you save on your electricity bills.
  • Remote Control: The included remote control allows you to conveniently adjust the speed and humidity levels from a distance.
  • Digital Display: The digital display shows the current speed and humidity levels, making it easy to monitor and adjust as needed.
  • No Water Droplets: The advanced design of this cooler ensures that there are no water droplets, preventing any mess or damage to your floors or furniture.
  • 8Hr Water Tank Capacity: The large 8-hour water tank capacity means you can enjoy cool air for longer periods without the need for frequent refills.
  • High Air Flow & Low Noise Function: The KUHL Exzel H1 400mm BLDC Desert Cooler provides high air flow for efficient cooling, while also operating at a low noise level for a peaceful environment.


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Manufacturer: KENT RO Systems Ltd.
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Included Components: Remote

Toll Free Number: 92-789-12345

Charges for Installation: RsNo installation charges.

Installation Process:-

Installation Process for Kuhl Fans

1. Call the Kuhl customer support number at 92-789-12345 to schedule an installation appointment. 2. Provide the customer support representative with your name, contact information, and the model number of your Kuhl fan. 3. The representative will ask for your preferred date and time for the installation. They will also provide you with a service request number for your reference. 4. Save the service request number for future communication with Kuhl's customer support team. 5. On the scheduled installation date, make sure that someone is present at the installation location to let the technician in. 6. The technician will arrive at the scheduled time and will begin the installation process. 7. They will first inspect the installation location and make sure that it is suitable for the fan. 8. The technician will then assemble the fan according to the manufacturer's instructions. 9. Once the fan is assembled, they will mount it securely to the ceiling or wall. 10. They will then connect the fan to the power source and test it to ensure it is functioning properly. 11. The technician will also provide you with a demonstration on how to use the fan and its features. 12. After the installation is complete, the technician will clean up the work area and dispose of any packaging materials. 13. You will be asked to sign a completion form to confirm that the installation was done to your satisfaction. 14. If you have any questions or concerns after the installation, you can contact Kuhl's customer support team using the service request number provided to you. 15. Enjoy your new Kuhl fan and its cooling benefits!

Note: The installation process may vary depending on the specific model of your Kuhl fan. It is always recommended to refer to the manufacturer's instructions for detailed installation steps.

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