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Samsung 212 L 4 Star Direct-Cool Single-Door Refrigerator (RR22N287YB8)

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About Product:

  • Samsung 212 L 4 Star Direct-Cool Single-Door Refrigerator (RR22N287YB8) - This Samsung refrigerator is a perfect combination of style and functionality. With a capacity of 212 liters, it is ideal for small to medium-sized families. The 4-star energy rating ensures energy efficiency, helping you save on your electricity bills. Its direct-cool technology provides quick and efficient cooling, while the single-door design adds a sleek and modern touch to your kitchen.
  • Direct-Cool Technology - The direct-cool technology used in this refrigerator ensures faster and more efficient cooling. It also helps in keeping your food fresh for longer periods of time.
  • Stylish Design - The single-door design of this refrigerator adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. Its sleek and compact design makes it a perfect fit for any kitchen space.
  • 4-Star Energy Rating - With a 4-star energy rating, this refrigerator is highly energy-efficient, helping you save on your electricity bills.
  • Stabilizer-Free Operation - This refrigerator can operate without a stabilizer, ensuring protection against power fluctuations and saving you the extra cost of purchasing a stabilizer.
  • Safe and Durable - The toughened glass shelves of this refrigerator can withstand heavy loads, making it safe and durable for everyday use.
  • Anti-Bacterial Gasket - The anti-bacterial gasket of this refrigerator prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi, keeping your food safe and hygienic.
  • Easy to Clean - The removable gasket and shelves make it easy to clean and maintain this refrigerator, ensuring hassle-free usage.
  • Important Keywords: Samsung refrigerator, 212 liters, 4-star energy rating, direct-cool technology, single-door design, energy-efficient, stabilizer-free operation, toughened glass shelves, anti-bacterial gasket, easy to clean.


Length: Width: Height:
Product: 58 52 140
Package: 145 57 64

Legal Metrology

Part/ Model Number: RR22N287YB8/NL
Country Of Origin:
Manufacturer: Samsung India Electronics Limited
Importer Contact Information:
Included Components: 1 Refrigerator Unit, 1 User Manual, Warranty Card

Toll Free Number: 1-800-5-726-7864 /1-800-40-726-7864

Charges for Installation: RsThe installation charges for Samsung refrigerators

Installation Process:-

Installation Process for Samsung Refrigerators

1. Call Samsung customer support at 1-800-SAMSUNG (1-800-726-7864) to schedule an installation appointment. 2. Provide the customer support representative with your name, contact information, and the model number of your Samsung refrigerator. 3. The representative will schedule an installation appointment for you and provide you with a service request number. 4. Save the service request number for future reference. 5. On the day of the installation, make sure to have the following items ready: - Your new Samsung refrigerator - All necessary installation accessories (included in the package) - A clear and accessible space for the refrigerator - Access to a power outlet and water supply (if applicable) 6. The Samsung installation team will arrive at your home at the scheduled time. 7. The team will unpack and inspect the refrigerator to ensure it is in good condition. 8. They will then proceed to install the refrigerator according to the manufacturer's instructions. 9. If your refrigerator requires a water supply, the team will also connect it to the water line. 10. Once the installation is complete, the team will test the refrigerator to ensure it is functioning properly. 11. They will also provide you with a brief demonstration on how to use the refrigerator and its features. 12. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask the installation team. 13. After the installation is complete, the team will clean up any packaging materials and debris. 14. Sign the installation completion form to confirm that the installation was successful. 15. Congratulations, your Samsung refrigerator is now installed and ready to use!

If you encounter any issues with your refrigerator after the installation, you can refer to your service request number and contact Samsung customer support for assistance.

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