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About us

When ecommerce market was just emerging for electrical and consumer electricals in 2015, we already had years of experience in retail and going with the trend and need of market, we tried our hand in ecommerce.

We went on to find products in demand and to sell, this means, that we were catering to areas our side our physical reach. But our experience clearly given us a hint that the customer doesn't know where the product is, even if it is available in the same city of his own, he doesn't have much idea to it.  Or in majority of the cases, the product was not available in the nearby areas with distributors and retail dealers.

We were successful in adding a lot of brands in the list of catalogues we sold over marketplaces and website. It was difficult to find right packaging material, right logistics partner and right supplier for the product so that we can have quickest of turn around to deliver the order to customer. In the effort to find customers products near them, we attached to more than 2000 suppliers (read them distributors, wholesalers, retailers or manufacturers) and catered more than 100 brands to our customers from these authorized brand stores.


Years later, We are here with Kitchen Brand Store to cater our customers with possibly all brands (We do not sell a product with “Trademark” but a “Brand”) distinguish Brand is someone who has a history to deliver product and service quality. Trademark is someone who has authority to use that name (just!!!).

In this journey, we have interacted with 100,000s of the customers and over all experience tells us that the customer is happier when product is supplied from nearest possible store with competitive of Best Price. While We have created a Price comparison Platform for all the products available here, this platform is to solve the issues of suppliers willing to sell the product online but lack the expertise into the process of ecommerce. Or several has tried selling on ecommerce platforms but quit after burning the hands by losses due to miscalculation of selling price, Damage in transit or too many returns during transit or upto some extent policy abuse. Check all Reason to sell here

For Buyers, we deliver everything everywhere and we try to ship the product from nearest store where the product is available to deliver it fast and also to save on logistics cost so that you pay less. We were Known by Different names as per evolution “Sunflame Store” / “Kitchen Brand Store ”/ India Brand Store". You may search for us and find out more.