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<title></title> <p>Polycab is engaged in the business of manufacturing and selling wires and cables and fast moving electrical goods &lsquo;FMEG&rsquo; under the &lsquo;POLYCAB&rsquo; brand. Apart from wires and cables, we manufacture and sell FMEG products such as electric fans, LED lighting and luminaires, switches and switchgear, solar products and conduits &amp; accessories.</p> <p>Our promoters collectively have more than four decades of experience among them. Our Company was incorporated as &lsquo;Polycab Wires Private Limited&rsquo; on January 10, 1996 at Mumbai as a private limited company under the Companies Act, 1956.</p> <p>We manufacture and sell a diverse range of wires and cables and our key products in the wires and cables segment are power cables, control cables, instrumentation cables, solar cables, building wires, flexible cables, flexible/single multi core cables, communication cables and others including welding cables, submersible flat and round cables, rubber cables, overhead conductors, railway signaling cables, specialty cables and green wires. In 2009, we diversified into the engineering, procurement and construction &lsquo;EPC&rsquo; business, which includes the design, engineering, supply, execution and commissioning of power distribution and rural electrification projects. In 2014, we diversified into the FMEG segment and our key FMEG products are switches and switchgear and conduits &amp; accessories.</p>

Installation Process

<h2>Installation Process for Polycab Fans</h2> <p>1. Call Polycab customer support at <strong>1-800-XXX-XXXX</strong> to schedule an installation appointment for your fan.<br /> 2. Provide the customer support representative with your personal information, including your name, address, and contact number.<br /> 3. Inform the representative about the type of fan you have purchased and the location where you want it to be installed.<br /> 4. The representative will provide you with a <strong>service request number</strong> for your installation appointment. Make sure to save this number for future reference.<br /> 5. On the day of your scheduled appointment, make sure that someone is present at the installation location to receive the installation team.<br /> 6. The installation team will arrive at the scheduled time and will begin the installation process.<br /> 7. They will first inspect the installation location and make sure that it is suitable for the fan.<br /> 8. The team will then proceed to assemble the fan and mount it securely on the ceiling or wall, depending on the type of fan.<br /> 9. Once the fan is installed, the team will test it to ensure that it is functioning properly.<br /> 10. If you have any questions or concerns during the installation process, feel free to ask the installation team for assistance.<br /> 11. Once the installation is complete, the team will clean up the installation area and provide you with a demonstration on how to use the fan.<br /> 12. Make sure to inspect the fan and installation before signing off on the installation job.<br /> 13. If you are satisfied with the installation, sign the installation completion form and keep a copy for your records.<br /> 14. In case of any issues or concerns with the installation, contact Polycab customer support with your service request number for further assistance.<br /> 15. Congratulations, your Polycab fan is now installed and ready to use! Enjoy the cool breeze and energy-efficient performance of your new fan.</p>

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Polycab Superia SP01 1200mm Ceiling Fan White

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